Join Live Webinar - Mastering Java Message Service: A Jakarta EE Developer's Guide

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Ready to level up your Jakarta EE applications with asynchronous communication? Join our webinar next week - REGISTER HERE -  to unlock the power of Java Message Service (JMS) and learn how to integrate messaging for flexible architectures.

Mastering Java Message Service: A Jakarta EE Developer's Guide

Wednesday, the 20th of March, 3pm GMT

Register here:

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What will you learn?

  • Messaging Fundamentals: Understand the core concepts behind messaging patterns and their benefits.
  • JMS Essentials: Explore the JMS API, message types, and how to send and receive messages within Jakarta EE.
  • Real-World Use Cases: See how JMS solves common development challenges in distributed systems.
  • Step-by-Step Demo: Follow a practical code demonstration and learn best practices for building JMS-powered applications.
  • Annotation-Driven JMS: Simplify your code with JMS annotations and streamline your development process.
  • Easy Configuration: Learn two ways to configure your messaging resources for Jakarta EE applications using Payara - through the AdminUI for a graphical interface experience, and the asadmin CLI for command-line aficionados.

Who is this webinar for?

  • Jakarta EE Developers seeking to enhance their application architectures.
  • Developers interested in asynchronous messaging for scalability and resilience.
Join us and become a JMS pro!

Make sure you register here - we hope to see you there! 


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