Payara Sponsors the London Java Community!

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks

Payara is proud to announce that we are now sponsors of the London Java Community! 

What is the LJC? 

TheLondon Java Community, or LJC, is a 'home for all who work withJava and the JVM'. Based in London, it has international membership and hosts regular events, from casual catch-ups to hack days, evening talks to career mentoring.  It has grown to over 6500 members since it was formed in 2007, and now is the largest Java User Group in the UK! 

The LJC also has an important advocacy role, acting as a voice for its members. It co-founded Eclipse Adoptium(previously Adopt OpenJDK), responding to member demand for a free OpenJDK distribution, as well as also being a founding member ofMicroProfileandJakarta EE.Like Payara, it is a Jakarta EE Working Group member.


Why Are Payara Sponsoring LJC? 

We are keen to support organisations that help the Java community thrive: we are already founding members of theFoojayadvisory board, the growing platform forOpenJDKusers; Strategic Members of the Jakarta EE Working Group and Contributing Members of theEclipse Foundation as a whole; and regularly support key conferences in the industry, most recentlyDevoxx UK

What Will We Do? 

With out LJC sponsorship, we can listen more closely to the needs of the Java community when it comes to Jakarta EE and how application servers can support them. As part of the membership, we will be: 

  • Hosting webinars
  • Sending informative emails 
  • Sharing job opportunities 
  • Hosting a meetup 

Our Engineering Manager, Hadar Vorenshtein, said: 

"Payara and the LJC are a perfect fit, particularly due to the LJC's close involvement with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile. The sponsorship will open up more opportunities for LJC members to learn about Jakarta EE and feedback from a developer perspective, whilst we can offer our insight as a vendor. 

We are excited to host events, bringing professional development opportunities - and hopefully some great swag and perks! As someone who has recently moved to London, it's great to see the Java community thriving here, and Payara are keen to support it and help it grow."

LJC Founder,Barry Cranford,said: 

"We are excited to welcome Payara as one of our sponsors. Their support will help us in our crucial work in giving a platform to Java developers in London and beyond, facilitating collaboration and playing our part in helping the community and related technologies thrive.

We are keen to bring a diverse range of learning opportunities to our members, and Payara will be able to offer insight into Jakarta EE, MicroProfile and the related ecosystem, DevOps, cloud computing, working on an open source projects, and more. We have admired the talent of team members from afar, and are now excited to welcome them as speakers and collaborators."

Find out more about and request to join LJC here:

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