Eclipse MicroProfile: a quest for a lightweight and modern enterprise Java platform

Photo of Mike Croft by Mike Croft

Do you still think that Java EE is heavy-weight, cumbersome and doesn’t keep up with modern trends? I’ll show you that there are already production-ready enterprise and open source solutions to bring more flexibility than the traditional Java EE servers from the past. They strive to provide lightweight and extensible runtimes to power microservices, cloud deployments and reactive architectures already. Their individual efforts are naturally followed by an open collaboration within the MicroProfile project.


In this talk, presented at the Devoxx conference in Belgium on the 9th of November,

I invite you to join the adventure with me and follow the quest for a new generation enterprise Java platform. We will explore what has happened recently in the world of enterprise Java and the features already provided by some interesting open-source projects. Afterward, we will discover what the Eclipse MicroProfile project is, what it can bring to you, and how you can influence it. As a core contributor in the MicroProfile project, I'll provide details about how to get started and what to expect in the near future, all illustrated by live coding and demonstrations.







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