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Payara Week 3.0

Payara hosted its third Payara Week last month – a week-long internal conference for which we fly in our team from around the world for strategy building across the whole company 

Virtual Payara Day: Our Values Through Communication

“Payarans”. That’s the name we have for all team-members, regardless of whether they work in Payara’s brick-and-mortar offices or whether they’re remote, working from their own home-offices that are spread around the world in diverse places that include Japan, the US, Sweden, Colombia, the Netherlands, Portugal – the list goes on. Ensuring that these remote Payarans feel as much part of the team as those sitting in HQ is a fun challenge for Human Resources, and it’s an important one to get right. After all, without proactively promoting engagement, it’s easy for teams and individuals, particularly those who are remote, to become isolated and for a job to become – well, just a job.