New Supported Platforms and JVMs for Payara Enterprise

Photo of Mark Wareham by Mark Wareham

Payara Enterprise now supports ARM architecture, along with OpenJ9 and Amazon Corretto JVMs!


In addition to the existing supported JVMs, we've now added OpenJ9 and Amazon Corretto. This means you have a choice of which implementation you wish to use, although Azul Platform Core is our preferred JVM as we provide support for Azul Platform Core as part of our Payara Enterprise subscription. You can run Payara Enterprise on any of the following with our support:

  • Azul Platform Core
  • Oracle JDK
  • Amazon Corretto
  • Adopt Open JDK
  • Eclipse Open J9

Operating Systems

You can run these JVMs on any of the following Operating Systems. Payara Enterprise provides support for stacks using any of these:

  • Ubuntu
  • SUSE
  • RHEL
  • Amazon Linux
  • Windows Server

(We also support MacOS and Windows 10 for development.)

We can support other operating systems where possible. Pleaseget in touch to discuss your needs.

Note: I've avoided discussing versions here as these are constantly evolving and would make this blog out of date pretty quick. For more info on the latest versions we support see our documentation.


We aim to support x64 and AArch64  (ARM 64bit) where supported by the operating system and Java virtual machine. In general, we primarily support JVMs. Therefore, if there's a supported JVM listed above on a different architecture, we will endeavor to provide support for Payara Platform on the specific JVM and on that architecture - however, we may recommend a different combination.

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