Join Our Live Webinar - Innovative Concurrency: Mastering Jakarta EE with Java 21's Virtual Threads

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Unleash the power of concurrency in your Jakarta EE applications on the Payara Platform by diving into the world of multi-threaded programming. This hands-on webinar - REGISTER HERE - explores the different approaches to writing multi-threaded applications on the Jakarta EE Platform, with a special spotlight on the groundbreaking virtual threads introduced in Java 21.

As applications grow in complexity, ensuring smooth and efficient execution becomes paramount. Multi-threading is a great tool in your developer arsenal, facilitating concurrent task execution, significantly improving application performance and responsiveness. The introduction of virtual threads in Java 21 has further broadened the horizon, offering a simplified, high-throughput concurrency model.

Innovative Concurrency: Mastering Jakarta EE with Java 21's Virtual Threads

Thursday, 2nd of November 2023, 2pm GMT

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In this webinar, we will delve into:

  • An introduction to multi-threading on the Jakarta EE Platform and its significance in today’s application development landscape.

  • A deep dive into Java 21's virtual threads - understanding their architecture, benefits, and how they revolutionize concurrent programming.

  • Strategies for writing efficient multi-threaded applications on the Jakarta EE Platform, leveraging the new virtual threads.

  • A preview into Jakarta EE 11: A glimpse into how Java 21's virtual threads will mesh with the upcoming Jakarta EE 11 release, amplifying the Platform's multi-threading capabilities.

  • An interactive Q&A session to address your queries, providing a platform for discussion and learning from seasoned Payara Engineers.

Whether you are a seasoned developer aiming to update your multi-threading knowledge or embarking on a new project requiring concurrent programming expertise, this webinar is tailored to provide a wealth of knowledge. Get a head-start on leveraging Java 21's virtual threads in your Jakarta EE projects on the Payara Platform and stay ahead in the game of modern application development.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, interact, and prepare for the future of multi-threaded programming on the Jakarta EE and Payara Platform. Sign up today and step into a new era of robust, efficient, and scalable multi-threaded application development. See you!