How to Search Log Entries in Payara Cloud

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Payara Cloud (launching soon!) delivers an easier way to run your Jakarta EE applications on the cloud. You can upload any web application that follows the Jakarta Web profile specification and click deploy - Payara Cloud will configure and run it in a containerized Payara Micro instance.

Unlike building an application server deployment on a Cloud Infrastructure as a Service or on raw Kubernetes, Payara Cloud takes on a Platform as a Service (PaaS) role and handles provisioning of the infrastructure, installation, configuration, deployment, and scaling your application to eliminate costs and reduce the risks of managing Jakarta EE application servers on Cloud.

You can search the log entries easily within Payara Cloud if you suspect errors or expect a message within the log file. 

How to Search the Log Entries in Payara Cloud

Learn how to search the log entries using Payara Cloud in under 5 minutes in this video:
How to search log entries in Payara Cloud video

The Payara Cloud environment collects logging information from the runtime and your application and stores it in a data warehouse. You can then search the log files for errors or messages within Payara Cloud.

Use the Search Query Textbox

As shown in the video, your search query must be a full-text (complete word or phrase). For example, to see all WARNING messages, you would type Warning into the search query box as typing Warn will not return any results.

Require and Exclude Search Terms

You can also add required terms and excluded terms to your search query to further narrow down your search results.

Search Within Specific Dates

You can also use the available search settings to limit the search results to a specific date and time by entering to and from dates.

Payara Cloud Launches SOON!

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