How to Set Custom Domains for your Applications in Payara Cloud

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Payara Cloud is an all-in-one serverless platform and PaaS solution for Jakarta EE (Java EE) and MicroProfile applications that simplifies cloud infrastructure management. With Payara Cloud, you don’t need to worry about application servers or deal with Kubernetes. Standard and Premium Payara Cloud subscribers can set custom domains for their applications.

Payara Cloud will launch very soon, giving you an easier way to run your Jakarta EE applications in the cloud - you’ll just upload your WAR file and click deploy. Payara Cloud handles all the work of provisioning the Jakarta EE runtime, TLS and SSL certificates, the Pod, container set up and Kubernetes in the background, automatically.

Custom Domains

Payara Cloud subscribers at the Standard and Premium levels can set custom domains for your applications in Payara Cloud. Rather than using a long and messy url that combines the namespace with your project name, like,(not a real url)  you can define a custom domain for your end users to access your application, for example: (not a real url).

Defining a custom domain is as simple as selecting the namespace containing your application in Payara Cloud and choosing the Custom Domain action. Watch the video to see the creation of a custom domain:Defining a Custom Domain - Payara Cloud thumbnail

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