Did You Know? You Can Control Payara Micro from a DAS

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You probably know that a DAS, or Domain Administration Server is an instance of Payara Server, but you probably don't know that from the console of Payara Server you can now manage an instance of Payara Micro directly from the DAS. This means from within the admin console you can send your asadmin commands directly to any Payara Micro instance within your cluster.


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The current (5.184) release also adds the ability to send the stop-domain command remotely. Find out more on this new feature in our documentation.


Payara Micro is the open source, lightweight middleware platform of choice for containerized Java EE (Jakarta EE) microservices deployments.  Less than 70MB in size, Payara Micro requires no installation or configuration and no need for code rewrites  – so you can build and deploy a fully working app within minutes.

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