Announcing the Release of Eclipse MicroProfile 3.0

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Eclipse MicroProfile has just announced the release of MicroProfile 3.0. This version builds on MicroProfile 2.2, including major updates to the Rest Client, and introducing breaking API changes to Metrics and Health Check APIs.

The Payara Platform is currently compatible with MicroProfile 2.2 with the goal of supporting MicroProfile 3.0 in our Payara Platform 5.193 release in August. Because Metrics and Health Check API changes in MicroProfile 3.0 are not backwards compatible, it’s possible that upgrading will require source code changes to your applications and you may wish to remain on MicroProfile 2.2.



In addition to regular new releases, MicroProfile is continuously evolved by the community. For example, soon the project will introduce a command-line interface (CLI) and the MicroProfile Reactive Messaging project plans to release a V1.0 standalone specification, and the MicroProfile Boost project has been added to the sandbox for further evaluation by the community.


Read the full MicroProfile 3.0 release announcement here.


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You can read more about the Payara involvement with MicroProfile.