Using Payara Embedded as an Arquillian Container Inside IntelliJ IDEA

22 Sep 2016

With this article, I'm going to integrate Payara Embedded with Arquillian by having it defined inside a sample Maven based application - source code available here - which employs an integration test implemented by the Arquillian framework.  You can also find our previous post about Arquillian...

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Using Payara Embedded & Payara Micro with Maven

15 May 2015
At long last, Payara Embedded and Payara Micro are on Maven Central, allowing you to set them as dependencies and use them in your projects. In this blog I'll briefly cover how to do this.
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Building RESTful Java EE Microservices with Payara Server Embedded

03 Feb 2015
There seems to be a mythology around that Java EE is heavyweight and needs complex application server installation, configuration and management and therefore is not well suited for deploying microservices. However Payara Embedded blows away that myth.
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