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6 Production Features of GlassFish & Payara Server You May Not Know About

17 Sep 2015

1. Payara Server has a full web based administration console

The Payara administration console is fully featured and provides a single view of all clustered and standalone Payara servers. New servers can be created, configured and controlled from the administration console. Applications and...
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Microservice choreography with the Payara Micro clustered CDI Event Bus

01 Sep 2015
One of the key concepts of a micro-service architecture is the coordination of multiple services using loosely coupled event based choreography (


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Introducing Payara Blue

06 Aug 2015
One of the new features of our Payara Server 4.1.153 is Payara Blue. Payara Blue is our code name for support for Payara Server and Payara Micro on the IBM JDK. Payara Blue gives the IBM JDK users full support for running Java EE 7 applications on Payara on any platform supported by the IBM JDK...
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Java EE 7 is Doing Fine in Production This Spring

05 Jun 2015
Recently Juergen Hoeller from Spring put out a blog implying Java EE 7 is not fit for production and denigrating some fine open source servers in the process.
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How Micro is Payara Micro?

05 Jun 2015
Elastic Middleware describes middleware capable of expanding and contracting quickly on demand. A common example is the ability for an application server cluster to quickly expand the number of cluster nodes to meet an unpredicted surge in the level of traffic.
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Running Java EE applications with Payara Micro on the Raspberry Pi

13 May 2015

Payara Micro is a new way of running Java EE applications without having to install a full application server.

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Introducing Payara Micro

26 Apr 2015
We are about to release the latest version of Payara (4.1.152) and one of the cool new features that is experimental in this release is Payara Micro. 
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Using the JCache API with CDI on Payara Server

03 Feb 2015
The latest release of Payara Server 4.1.151 includes Hazelcast as a builtin JSR107 JCache implementation this means with Payara Server you can start building applications that uses a robust data grid as a caching tier with a standard api.
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Payara Server 151 Sneak Preview - Hazelcast Session Persistence

17 Dec 2014
Payara Server 4.1.151 is due out at the end of January so we thought we'd give you a sneak preview of some of the features coming, in this case Hazelcast Session Persistence.
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