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Upcoming Feature: Payara Micro HTTP & HTTPS auto-binding

17 Jul 2015
Taking inspiration from the way the integrated Hazelcast automatically searches for an open port when clustering, I decided to add in a similar feature for Payara Micro when trying to bind its HTTP and HTTPS ports.


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Payara Micro Clustering

15 Jun 2015

Payara Micro is our new embedded distribution that was part of our latest release.

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Working with GlassFish & Payara Server Dotted Names

09 Jun 2015

Many of you will know of some of the common asadmin commands, such as start-domain, create-cluster, and change-admin-password, some of which I covered in a previous blog written for GlassFish (which still holds true for Payara Server).

Unfortunately, there is not a specific asadmin command for...

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Using Payara Embedded & Payara Micro with Maven

15 May 2015
At long last, Payara Embedded and Payara Micro are on Maven Central, allowing you to set them as dependencies and use them in your projects. In this blog I'll briefly cover how to do this.
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What's new in Payara Server 152?

29 Apr 2015
As we move into the second quarter of the year, the next release of Payara Server emerges from the depths - version 4.1.152. Read on for an overview of what's gone into this release.
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Elastic Middleware & Payara Server

14 Apr 2015
Elastic Middleware describes middleware capable of expanding and contracting quickly on demand. A common example is the ability for an application server cluster to quickly expand the number of cluster nodes to meet an unpredicted surge in the level of traffic.
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Building GlassFish from Source

03 Mar 2015
This blog will look at building Glassfish 4.0.1 from source and configuring NetBeans 8.0 to then use, modify, and debug it.
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Creating a Service for Payara Server - Video Blog Series

27 Feb 2015

 Watch our series of four short how-to videos. See how to create a Payara service and asadmin command, and how to add configuration data and a service to the admin console.

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Payara Server 151 - Introductory Tour

11 Feb 2015
Take a short tour of the new features in latest version of Payara Server!  This video provides a short walk through of the new Hazelcast integration and JBatche extentions implemented into Payara Server 4.1.151. 
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What's new in Payara Server 151 ?

30 Jan 2015
Payara 4.1.151 is releasing today, so I thought I'd take you through some of the key features of this release.
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